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publication day for The Swan MaidenI write teen fantasy novels. Inspirations include fairy tales, folklore, and the magical experiences of living abroad (mostly in France) and aboard the sailboat Adventure.

Here on the site you’ll find more about how I research and write, the occasional blog post (mostly about novels I’ve enjoyed), book news, and links to other resources.



•  and another "best of" list for Toads & Diamonds: the Bulletin of the Center of Children's Books Guide Book to Gift Books for 2011.  

•  Toads & Diamonds is listed on the Bankstreet College list of the Best Books of the Year for 2011.  

  quarterfinal round, here we come! Toads and Diamonds competes in the Nerds Heart YA book tournament.  

•  Toads and Diamonds is on the Mythopoeic Awards 2011 nomination list for children’s literature! Wow—in company with Terry Pratchett, Megan Whelan Turner. Catherine Fisher, Polly Shulman. Zowies!